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How to choose the right hiking shoes

The choice of hiking footwear is influenced by the type of terrain and weather conditions. The comfort of proper footwear allows you to enjoy movement and scenery.

If you are going on a hike or walk through nature, in the forest or through the city, choose sports shoes. This ensures maximum comfort and cushioning, so you don't feel the asperities of the trails. They are also provided with a dual-density sole consisting of a soft insole that provides comfort and an outer sole that provides cushioning and protects the foot from stones. The crampons and their outer sole offer excellent grip on natural or synthetic trails such as forest roads, paths, but also in the urban environment on sidewalks. Depending on the season and weather, you can choose between boots, shoes and sandals.

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If you are going on a mountain hike, on rocky trails, it is preferable to choose a pair of shoes or boots designed for heavy trails. They are light, so as not to weigh you down when climbing, waterproof and offer increased stability. The studded sole provides good grip, so you don't slip on steep, wet or rocky trails. In general, hiking shoes in the mountains are made of softshell or leather with a waterproof membrane. These materials make the shoes comfortable and with a specific design in the joint area, adapting perfectly to the conformation of the foot.

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