ARDON SAFETY was established in 2000 becoming one of the most important companies producing work and leisure clothing, protective and work footwear and personal protective equipment in Central Europe with its headquarters in the Czech Republic and presence both in all European countries and on the American continent

Ever since the company was founded, our mission, the people of the ARDON team, has been to provide users with high-quality, comfortable and visually appealing clothing and footwear. This fact has long been at the heart of our efforts to develop new, better quality and more comfortable products that will not limit users in their activities, but on the contrary, will increase their freedom of movement and creativity, protecting at the same time effectively health and fulfilling the main purpose for which they were created.

ARDON SAFETY management is also aware of its social responsibility. Therefore, for many years, the company has supported regional social, humanitarian, sports and cultural projects. We are very pleased to see that, thanks to our support, young people are increasingly attracted to sports and outdoor exercise.

Welcome to the world of Ardon!