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Smoked glasses P2

Smoked glasses P2

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  • P2 glasses protect the entire width of the eye area and combine fashion, adaptability and functionality
  • a rubber layer with a highly visible color (Hi-Vis) is applied to the outside
  • comfortable and soft anatomically shaped sides thanks to the elastomer layer adhere perfectly to the user's head
  • Soft nose bridge provides comfort for everyday wear
  • K&N coating provides protection against dirt (N) and scratches (K)
  • the glasses meet the requirements of ČSN EN166:2001
  • the glasses are marked FT, which means that they are able to withstand extreme temperatures (-5 °C to +55 °C) and at the same time an impact of up to 45 m /s
  • the lenses are equipped with a UV filter, thanks to which they reflect sunlight well and are therefore also suitable for working in direct daylight
  • Class 1 optical lenses are suitable for longer use
  • norm: EN 166
  • MO: FT
  • Material: polycarbonate lens polycarbonate sides with elastomer coating
  • Lens marking: 5 – 3.1 285681 1 FT KNO
  • lens adjustment: UV filter, anti-fog treatment, anti-scratch treatment
  • Lens Color: Smoke
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